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This site is different from all of the other ones.

 We are here to actually give you something you can use to help you in your situation.


We consult various entities which include homeowners, bankruptcy attorneys, real estate brokers and lenders.  We are not  attorneys, nor are we a broker or a lender.  We used to be in the real estate business, and our main specialty was dealing with foreclosure and bankruptcy.

So we put together this web site, to help the unfortunate people that have to face foreclosure.  We don't charge you anything for our consultation.  It is free to you.

We understand the foreclosure process really well.  We have dealt with hundreds of foreclosures.

We understand homestead exemptions, which can really benefit you.

We know how to delay your foreclosure.

We have accumulated data, keeping us informed on each state and how that state conducts it's foreclosures.

We see time and time again, people hiring the wrong brokers if they need to sell.  Each circumstance is a little different, and the broker needs to have experience depending on your situation

We have dealt with many bankruptcies, we understand how the bankruptcy court works.  We see people making the mistake of hiring a bankruptcy attorney and then find out you don't qualify.  Better to figure that out before you spend the money.  We are not attorneys, legal advice needs to come from a licensed attorney.  We don't give legal advice.  We just try and help you figure out if that is the direction you need to go.

Your next question is probably, how does Oracle Gale LLC make any money ?

The answer is simple, if you need an attorney or a real estate broker, we ask that you consider using one that donates to this web site.  We try to associate with professionals that know their craft.  Not just any attorney or broker.

It costs you no more than any other, but you at least get someone that should be able to do the work you need done.

We don't share your information with anyone if you email us.  So please, let's us try and help.  You won't be sorry.

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