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Everyday, between 20 to 40 people pass away in Maricopa county, Arizona.

About 20 to 25 percent owned property in Maricopa County.

20 people x 30 days =600 deaths

20 percent of 600 = 30 properties

30 Properties or more per month is

30 x 12= 360 Properties per year

Chances are that you will know at least one of them, one of them may be your neighbor, etc.

There is a listing for you.

Regency Monument Realty LLC will provide to you Names and addresses of the deceased individuals.

We also try and talk with the heirs, if we are successful, we give the referrals to our team members

To see a sample, Click on the button that says "Sample".  If you choose to join, you may look at any day available, 24/7

What does it cost?  click here

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