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As an Owner

What does joining do for me

1.  Huge reduction in Door Knocking and phone calls

2.  Having a way to communicate without being harassed

3.  Letting friends and relatives call you without you being afraid it is just another problem.

4  The ability to let people know your wishes without having to verbally talk with them.

5.  The ability to let people know that you don't wish to be bothered, that you have cured your problem or any thing else you wish to convey.

6.  If you are needing a cash sale, having the ability to organize it so you can get many offers and you can get your best deal.

7.  Free foreclosure help with suggestions of what you might possible do.  Once you join our Program, you will have endless documentation to review on how to cure your problem.

8.   Available attorneys in your area if you are contemplating bankruptcy or needing an estate set up.

9.  If you are needing real estate help, pick from the Real Estate Brokers that respected your privacy and didn't "Knock on your Door" or "Constantly called you"

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