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What does Oracle Gale LLC do for attorneys?

Oracle Gale LLC keeps track of deaths and let's the apparent heirs know who to contact when they need to set up probate, or need to make Beneficiary Deeds, Trusts etc.

Once we hear of the death, which is within a few days of their passing, we do the following.

1. Check to see if they own real property. (The owner of Oracle Gale also owns a real estate company) Checking for ownership is easy because of that.

2. We check for joint tenancy and if the joint tenant is probably alive.

3. We then find the possible heirs and get their names, addresses and phone numbers. We use several sources to accomplish this.

4. We contact the apparent heirs so they review the attorneys.

5. We provide the information gathered to the attorneys so their sales staff can use it.

6. Quite often the heirs talk to us for the referral of an attorney.  (We don't ask for referral fees)

As an Attorney, does this service interest you?

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