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Endless Consultation

We know these are tough times and you have questions about what is going to happen etc. 


Over the years, people have requested that I stick with them through their foreclosure and help them save their property or their equity.  They wonder about newspaper publications and the timing of them (they are embarrassing), they wonder about modification agreements, they have questions about their specific foreclosure situation. 


I need to work on each one of those and look first hand what is going on.

It takes time, so I charge a small consultation fee for this.

We also know most everyone wants answers as soon as they can get them.

This gives you priority over the general public and we stick with you through the term of your foreclosure.

For people that want this service, we give you a special email and telephone number that you can use to get answers.  The limitations are, the questions  need to be between 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time.  If it is after those hours, someone may not be available but may not get back to you until the next morning.  Weekends included.  Holidays are a day off.  This goes for a period of your foreclosure.

We are not attorneys and don't give legal advice, nor are we real estate brokers, but we were in the business for over 40yrs specializing in Foreclosures and bankruptcies.  We are very experienced.

If you need an attorney or a broker, we can suggest one for you.

Cost for Personal Consultation

$50.00 one time charge

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