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What We Do

Regency Monument Realty LLC specializes in selling properties that are in probate, properties where one joint tenant has passed away leaving a single tenant in common and needs to sell, properties that had a Beneficiary Deed and needs sold, as well as properties in Foreclosure.

We seem to be the only Real Estate Company that deals with properties that are in probate.

We are located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  A small city with less than a 200,000 population.

We developed a system, that keeps track of individuals that have passed away.

1. We then check to see if the deceased owned properties.

2. If they do, we then try and locate the possible heirs and help them locate personnel that can help them set up probate, repair property damage, and Real estate brokers that can list and sell their properties.

3. Seeing the need for this, we handle the real estate in Grand Junction but we decided to expand in the Phoenix area giving leads and referrals to the brokers.

4. We are looking for Real Estate Brokers to handle the listing and sale of those properties. If you are an interested Broker, please click here.

Don't miss this great opportunity

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