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Do I Need to set up Probate?

We are not attorneys so don't consider this legal advice.  We are passing through to you what attorneys have told us but to get legal advice please consult an attorney.  We are associated with licensed attorneys that work in this area and we would be glad to set you up with one of them.

If you are an heir to Real Estate or need to get titles of vehicles or trailers into an heirs name, you probably need to set up probate.

If a will was in place, probate is easier, but you probably still need to set up probate.

If you received a Beneficiary Deed, you still may need probate but probably not for the real estate on the Beneficiary Deed.

Feel free to contact us if you questions.

If you would like to talk with an attorney, please contact us and we will give you names and numbers of an attorney.

First telephone conversation is free

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