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Foreclosure Lifeline Corporation (FLLC) is a Non-Profit Corporation designed to help people that have become delinquent on their mortgage and are short on money. 

To qualify for this assistance, you must try any and all methods available to you to save your house from foreclosure.  This is not for people who are just looking for a free ride, it is for those that really need it.

To see if you have tried everything available to save your house. Click here.

Special attention is given to Seniors, although it is available for everyone.

Seniors may not need to try all options available before applying.

FLLC is funded totally by donations and grants. You can choose to have your name given or not given to the beneficiaries.  Your donations are used time and time again.  Your donation keeps helping people for years to come.  Please donate whatever you can.

Please donate here.  Any amount you choose

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