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How do we do this?

We ask the Owners to set themselves up a NEW EMAIL.  You can go to gmail, yahoo etc and set up another email.  IT IS FREE.

We then ask the Owners to go to google voice and set up another phone number.  This gives the owner a second number to use to talk with friends and relatives without having to answer the pesky phone calls you receive.

We then ask you to Join our Program.

When you do, your property record will already be in our database.  A database is made with numerous fields to enter information in. You will be able to enter information in certain fields telling the professionals what your needs are.

There is a field called Owners comments.  You can say anything you want in this field (no profanity please) and anyone looking at your property record can read it.

We have several check boxes you can mark (if you wish to, about what you are looking for.

We ask that you put your new email address into the field called "Current Email".  This gives the professionals a way to communicate with you, which greatly reduces the door knocking and phone calls. This step is key. You can look at emails when you want, answer them if you wish and when you get your problem cleared up.  Delete this email address.

You can get into this program for a one time charge of $7.99, No monthly charges or hidden fees.

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