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Before the bank regains title.

 I have purchased over a hundred foreclosures in my life.  Now I teach others how to do it successfully.  Lot of things to watch out for and lots to do to be ready.  I am not selling a book, I teach you person to person and can watch your back on each project if you wish.

I am of retirement age, I no longer fix up properties or purchase them but enjoy teaching people what to do.

I have purchased foreclosures in numerous States before.  I know what to do.  I have already made the mistakes that you don't want to do.

Each foreclosure is unique. 

These are questions you need to know.

1. Is the loan being foreclosed in first position on title.

2. Is there liens and judgments to consider

3. Are taxes paid up to date.

4.  Is there damage to the property ?

5.  Where do I get the money to purchase?

6.  What effect does bankruptcy have?

7. Can someone redeem me out ?

8.  Time frames.

9.  What is today's value



Please, give me a call at 970-314-6924 or select the contact page if you wish a response.

I give a personal course, one on one to every subscriber. 


I teach and show you how to find the good properties. 


I teach you how to check title on the property. 


I teach you how to finance the purchase. 


I teach you how to find out the person isn't in a bankruptcy or if that person is able to file one.

I teach you how the IRS and states treat tax liens.

I teach you about redemptive  periods.  Each state is different.

I take you through an example, have you learn with hand on experience.

I'll teach you how to put a value to a property.

The cost for the course is $69.00  Click on the Buy Now button to purchase.

As you start doing purchases, I can watch your back if you wish and suggest things maybe you have forgotten to do.


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