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Most jobs you can do yourself, we teach you how.

We teach you how to do it.

1. Fixing Damaged drywall, holes or cracks.

2. Fixing plumbing.  We won't show you how to fix gas lines.  They are dangerous and need a professional to do it. Teach you how to solder.

3.  Small electrical.  We will how you how to install a new light, replace an outlet or switch.  Major electricity needs to be done by a licenced electrician.  We reserve the right to refuse showing you how to do it, depending on the project.

4. Interior trim.  Hang doors, install casing or base, build various things, installing kitchen or bathroom cabinets etc.

5. Framing, building a wall.

6. Fixing stucco, repairing or replacing siding.

7. Fixing roofs

8. Pouring concrete and finishing

Plus many more.

How do we do it?

We do it one on one with you.  Most projects are $59.00,  Depending on what your wanting to do.

We have you send us a picture of your repair.  We talk on the phone. We tell you what you will need and take you through the fix up.  You can ask us questions, practice first etc.  Most projects are a lot easier than you think.  Anyone can learn to patch drywall, solder copper pipes etc. 



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