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O G Associates

We at Oracle Gale LLC are fully aware of how many texts, letters and emails the people receive that are facing foreclosure.

To try and eliminate a lot of it, we try and coordinate with the various realtors, investors, attorneys etc. a place where the people can turn to get any help they need, when they want it.

Here is how we do it:

We ask the owners (the people facing foreclosure) to register.  We keep their information totally confidential.  If they want an attorney, real estate broker or investor.  They check with us and we give them the names of everyone that has show interest in the property.

Please click here to register

We ask those that have interest in a property to register also.  We keep track of what property they have interest in, and let them know if the owner would like to speak with them or the owner is given their information and contacts them directly.  This puts you and/or your company directly in front of people if they need your service.

Please click here to register

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