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These are typical questions that I get quite often. Each State handles them differently

Can we stop your foreclosure ?


Each of you have your own specialty in life.  Some are nurses, some are firemen, some work in retail while others work in computers.  All sorts of vocations.

We don't know anything about how to do your business.

The biggest mistake I see is, people trying to figure out what they should do by themselves, and in turn it costs them precious time in getting their issues resolved.

Please, let us help, we can probably recommend so things on what you should do

Typical questions

1.   I received a Notice of Default

             Not all States require this.  If you have received one, this is the first step in Foreclosure.  This is the best time to work on your problem.   Contact me please

2.   I received a Notice of Sale

             These are called different things, depending on what state you live in.  You are in Foreclosure if you got one of these.  You have a saledate. You can search your record and it will probably tell you what your saledate is. Contact me please

3.   I want to save my property but don't have the money to catch up the payments, are there options?

             Yes, depending on your situation, there is a variety of optionsContact me please

4.   I want to sell my property but it needs repairs before I do, and I don't have the funds or the time to do it.  We can possible buy you time by doing several things.  There are a variety of ways to still get your property fixed up and sell it.   Contact me please

4.5  I want to sell my property but need to find a broker that understands what I am going through and knows how to handle a property in foreclosure.

             I have set up brokers, attorneys and Investors in most cities.  If I don't have one for you I will find one that is competentContact me please

5.   The properties owner has passed away, what do I do?

         This is a tricky one but I know what to do to protect your inheritance.  Few attorneys know how so I take them through the steps.  In some states you can do it without an attorneyContact me please

6.   I am an heir to the property, what do I do?

         There are steps you need to do.  Contact me please

7.   What is the time frame before I can be foreclosed out?

         Each state is different.  I have collected the rules in each State Contact me please

8.   The property is rented, what do I do?

         Non owner occupied loses some options on what to do, but you still have several.  Contact me please

9.   I am in active military service overseas, how can I save my property? 

          They shouldn't be able to foreclose but there are things you need to do.  Contact me please

10. I am the spouse of the deceased owner of the property, can I do anything ?

          Yes, you have options, we need to discuss  Contact me please

11.  Am I an heir to the property ?

      There are several steps you need to do and it takes a little time, so let's talk as soon as possible.  Contact me please

12.  I am divorced but my name is still on the loan and or the property, can I do anything?

       You have some rights, we need to talk.  The remedies take some time, so sooner the betterContact me please

13.  Do I need an attorney, and if so, what kind?

        It is always a good idea to get an attorneys opinion.  I am not one and don't give legal advice.  Depending on your situation, there are severel areas that you may need legal help.  Attorneys specialize in their field, so lets talk.  Contact me please


14.  What is a homestead exemption ?

      In laymans terms, it is the amount of money you may get before unsecured creditors get theirs.  It is more complicated than that.  Get a hold of me and if you need an attorney, I will set you up with one. Contact me please


Each situation is usually a little different from the next.  I know you have lots of questions, so please feel free to ask them. General questions are free.  Please click on Contact on the menu.

Each State has there own rules, so for most of the questions, I need to know what State and County you are located in and how far into the process you are.

We don't sell or give your information to anyone unless you give us permission.  We don't bother you with sales calls or harass you trying to get you to do things.

Please email us at or text or call us 970-314-6924.  Sooner the better, as some States have a really short time before they can foreclose you out.  You can also just use the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.

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