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Owner Details

Please read this in its entirety.  Then you will understand how it helps you.

Here is the problem.

How do we help the owners solve their problem and how do we help the owners from getting pestered with phone calls and people knocking on their doors at all hours of the day?

So we broke it down into what everyone wants.

Owner:  Wants to cure their problem and have people respect their privacy.

Real Estate Brokers:  Wants to be in line if the owners wish to sell

Attorneys:  Wants the owners to know they are available if they need legal help.

Investors, cash buyers:  Are looking for properties to buy and usually want to convince the owners to sell their property to them.


Gather together the Owners, Real Estate Brokers, Attorneys and Investors into one program so that the professionals have a way to communicate with the Owners and the Owners get the professionals to quit calling and knocking on their doors at all hours of the day.

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