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The Owner has Passed Away

If you are an heir to a person that owned a property, you have some rights to protect your equitable interest in the property.

I am not an attorney, legal advice can only be given by licensed attorneys, but I do have some suggestions on what you should do.

We have programs in place to help those individuals in your situations.  Sometimes you can do them by yourself, sometimes you need an attorney.  We can take you through the steps no matter which way you want to go.

An estate has to be set up.  I a Last Will and Testament was done, it usually is really simple (that is known as testate.  If no will is set up, that is known as intestate.

Most of the time, it is a straight forward process.  If you want to do it without any out of pocket expenses, please contact me and I'll go over how that works.

The worst thing you can do, if there is equity in the property, is not do anything. 

Please contact me and we can discuss.

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