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This is for the owners of property that is being foreclosed upon.

We know you get a lot of mail, phone calls and people knocking on your door.

We can't stop it all, but by registering with us, we can let people know your wishes and stop some of it.

click here to see what this program can do for you

You can also get some help here.

Get some assistance in helping you figure out what to do.

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Here you can ask questions about the foreclosure process, get suggestions on what to do and have a message posted to our database of subscribers (if you choose) about your situation.

Please don't construe our help as legal advice. Only attorneys can give legal advice.


We are not attorneys or real estate brokers, but will be happy to suggest ones for you, in your area, if you would like. 

We respect your privacy

All information our subscribers see was obtained through public records

with the exception of any comment you may have about your situation.

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