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We are the place that many realtors, investors and attorneys subscribe for information.

Oracle Gale keeps track of current foreclosures.


It is how they know you are in your situation. 


All the information we have was obtained through public records.

In fairness, we know you probably would like someone to talk with, to help you figure out what to do and you probably would like a way to keep people from knocking on your door.

We came up with a solution. (or at least a partial solution)  Click here if you would like details on how it works

If you subscribe, as an owner to our service, we have a comments box that you can fill in as you please.  It is attached to the record on your property.

Everyone that observes that record can see what you want.  For example (Please do not knock on my door, it will be an instant refusal to do any business with you, if you do)


You can also request an Attorney, Realtor or a cash buyer to contact you, or get names so you can contact them.

If you have people or business's that pester you, you can simply tell them they can find out your wishes by going to

You can ask us endless questions through our contact form, by calling us or emailing us, without risk of being pestered by us.  Look through this website.  It will give you ideas. This is free. Click here

For those that want to be able to leave messages on their foreclosure record, the cost for this service is a one time charge of $7.99. No hidden fees.

Credit cards accepted.

Once you are a member, you will be given a special Identity phrase that no will have access to.  You can modify your wishes using it.

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