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Real Estate Brokers


The owners of the property that is being foreclosed upon needs various services.  So do the "For Sale by Owners".  Some of them need a Real Estate Broker.

Some just need to sell.

Some need a short sale specialist.

Some need a cash buyer.

We attempt to contact every owner. 

If our letter gets returned on foreclosure, we let you know.

Find out how that helps your business by clicking here

We don't get them all, but we get a lot of them.  We help them with their needs whether it is getting a broker, attorney or an investor.  We let them provide information on their property record what they are needing and comment on their situation.

We provide you with those records. If a foreclosure is filed today, the information is available to you, sometime during the next business day.  We need time for the input operators to enter the data.  You can use it as you please, you just can't resell the information.  You can see them on your phone or computer.

If you are a subscriber, your information will be available to all of the owners.

Almost every one of the owners, that choose a broker, look for one that has marked their area of expertise. Commercial, residential foreclosure, residential short sale, residential re-sale etc.

At the very least, you need to register to have your name in the running to get their business.

You can register for free by choosing "Real Estate register" or can you tell your specialties and more by choosing "Real Estate Plan". See an example of what the owners will see. Click here

For the "Real Estate Plan" subscribers

come back here to tell the owners about yourself.  Click Here

If you choose a plan to get the New foreclosures, see the owners record and search the foreclosures.  You get a great listing tool.

Just click "Professional Subscribe" on the menu above.

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