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Oracle Gale LLC coordinates homeowners with Realtors, Attorneys and Investors.

Some of the homeowners reply to our letter. If they are looking for a Realtors, we suggest one of our realtors and help them chose someone that can handle their situation.

Whether you are a Realtor, an Attorney or an Investor- click here to get information on what benefits you get by joining our team.

Quite a few of them need legal help, so we suggest attorneys for them also.

By coordinating with the attorneys, they give us leads on their clients needs in real estate.  We pass that on to you.also.

We also help realtor clients who need legal assistance by suggesting attorneys that join our system.

Some of the people just need a quick sale, so we suggest Investors to them to accomplish what they need.

If you would like to join our system, please press here or call 970-314-6924.

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