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Specializing in Probate, Estate and Foreclosure properties

The owner of Regency Monument Realty, Shauna Lindell, has years of experience in the Real Estate Industry.

She has been involved in foreclosures, bankruptcies, starter homes, top of the line properties and more.

Shauna understands what it takes to sell a property, how to get it quickly in front of the entire Real Estate Brokerage companies and how to get it in front of the public eye.

Shauna has programs in place for baby boomers (age 57 and older),

Programs for Veterans, financial hardships, the general public etc.

Ask about RMR's program for owner walk-thru repairs. It offers you some fix-up on your property. Saves you hundreds of dollars in the sale of your home.   or...

Ask about discounts available for certain conditions.

If you want more information on Beneficiary Deeds, Setting up an estate, Selling your property or

Foreclosure.  Please click on the subject and a new screen will come up.

Regency Monument Realty wants to be sure

Your interests are looked after

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