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Returned Letters

Letters get returned for various reasons, but those reasons are usually a gift for the broker that lists houses.  Here is what it does for you.

1.  Vacant house.  This usually is the main reason the letter gets returned.  The owners had to move for a job, moved to a place they could afford or just gave up on saving it.  This house is just setting waiting on a new owner.

Here is what you need to do.

Go to the house and see if it is vacant. Most everyone talks to their neighbors. There is probably one neighbor who knows where the owners are and usually they are happy to see that someone is working on it, so the dead lawn, or un-kept house can look good again.  They usually will help. So talk to the neighbors.

For our monthly subscribers, we then attempt to find the owners.  We do the research, find relatives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We then give that information to you. (small additional monthly charge for this service)

2. Someone is living there.

The owner may have rented it, sold it with leaving their loan in place or a squatter is living there.  Talk to whomever is there and try and find the owner.

3.  Talk to your Investor buyers

This house will go to the foreclosure sale if no one talks with the owners. Make a deal with your investor buyers so you get the listing after they purchase the property.

Remember, You cannot enter the property without the owners permission !

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