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Selling the Property

Oracle Gale LLC is not a licensed Real Estate Broker.  We get no referral fees in referring brokers.

Here are some things to consider in selling your property.

1.  You need a real estate broker that has experience in selling properties that are in foreclosure.

2.  You need a realistic real estate broker that just isn't telling you a high price to get your listing.  Ask to see comparable sales in your area.

3.  If bankruptcy is into play, you need a broker that is aware of the bankruptcy court needs, and is willing towork with your attorney.

4.  You need to consider your homestead exemption for your state and see what it does for you.

5.  You need to consider that if you borrowed on your equity and then sell, will you have a tax liability ?

6.  Do you want to go to an investor ?   They offer cash deals but you never realize your properties value if you go that way.

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