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Services Registration

When a Foreclosure or a Notice of Sale is recorded, Oracle Gale sends a letter the same day it is recorded.  We also send a text to the people.  Many of them register with us to get away from the hassle of so many texts, mailers, calls and especially door knocking.

We know you want to be in the running for their business.  We just organize it so your name, or companies name is available to them if they want it.  They usually tell us, what they are looking for.  If it is your type of business, then we provide it to them.

Registration costs $9.99 a month, billed annually.  This provides us with the personal and the funds to mail and contact the people.

Some of you will think it is not worth it.  We get over 40 requests a month from owners on what services that we suggest they talk with.

Please contact us with questions or registration.  We will bill you if you wish to register.

Thank you

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