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Case one---Missing daughter


This lady fell in love at a very young age and got pregnant when she was still in High School.  Her parents packed up and moved from the town.

When she delivered the baby, the parents made her give up the child for adoption.  She never saw her daughter again.


She got a hold of me and told me her story.  I convinced her to get a DNA test but she didn't have much of it to compare.  Her then boyfriend had passed away, so no DNA could be obtained there.

I tracked out her boyfriends family and found that he had a brother still living.

I convinced him to get the DNA tests and let us compare his to hers.  Eliminating on the family members that they know of, we ended up with a suspect list.

I then tracked out the suspect list looking for a specific birth date.

After going through several of them, we located a lady that was the right age, had both her and her boyfriends brothers DNA and the right birthday.

Problem solved

Case two --- Missing Cousin


An elderly man was tracking out his family and thought he knew where his cousin lived.  When he looked up the address he found that the cousin didn't live there any more and didn't know what to do.


After talking with the gentleman, I looked into the recordings of real estate documents and found out that his cousin had sold the place.  His cousin didn't show up in the normal places one looks for.

I got a copy of the release of the deed of trust and found an address that it was to be mailed back to once recorded.  I then tracked down that address and found his cousin.

Problem solved

Case three

Who is my real father? :


A lady had ran a DNA test and her brother has also ran one, not knowing the other had.  When the DNA tests came back, it showed that they were only half brother and sister.  So she wanted to know who the real father was.


I compared both DNA's and eliminated every person that was common to both the brother and sister.  This left me with a list of people that had to be related to her real father.

I found 4 people that were first, second, third or fourth cousins to her.  So I tracked out their families until I found all of the males that was within the age bracket of her mother.  Non of them were still alive, all of the males served in world War II.  Then I tracked out their military records and found out what branch they were in and where they were stationed.  She knew where her mother was at the time of inception.  By eliminating all of the people that were not located where her mother was, I ended up one one individual that had to be her real father.  He had no children, so DNA wasn't possible as positive proof, but it has to be him.  She was second cousin to two sisters that were related to him.

Problem solved.

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