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What are my options ?

 You have several options at this point. The first question you should ask yourself, Do I want to keep the house, or sell it ?

I think I want to keep the house.

Option 1

 If you can raise the money,  you can bring everything current. Each state has different timelines to do this.  Go back to your states page and look at How foreclosure works.  To find your exact figures, you need to file an "Intent to Cure" with the public trustee, if you are in a state with private trustees, send them a request in writing for your figures.  The trustee will get you the figures you need to bring it current.

Option 2

 Can I borrow the money to keep it current ?  Very seldom will the banks help out in that situation.  There are private people out there that lend, but be real careful on what you do there.  Not everyone is looking out for your best interest.

You can borrow from your brother or your mother and father, your sister or aunts and uncles, but sometimes also not a good idea.

If you have questions, click here and email them to us.

Option 3

Modification Agreements.  Lenders on occasion do these, but they are less common now than they used to be.  They take a long time to get done.  Remember, you are fighting the clock, so don't bank on them.

Option 4

Bankruptcy.  This option can delay your foreclosure.  Bankruptcy is done in Federal Court so all states run similar.  The exception is the homestead exemption.   Click on "States" in the above menu, and at it will list your homestead exemption.  There are other things each state has, so a good bankruptcy attorney is needed, if you choose this option.  They can tell you current information, as we are not attorneys and can't give legal advice.  Bankruptcy can delay your foreclosure sometimes up to a five year period.

I think I want to sell my house.  Click here

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