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Setting Up Probate

If you are a possible heir to Real Estate then you probably need to set up an Estate in Probate court.

Although it isn't recommended, you can do this yourself but generally you need an attorney to do it. We have attorneys that have free consultation on the first visit. Contact us for names and numbers please.

If you plan on selling the property, Regency Monument Realty will pay for your  initial costs to get things going. The attorney will get paid when the estate is settled.

With the right attorney, you could have the real estate on the market in less than a couple weeks.  Certain conditions may apply.

If you plan on keeping the Real Estate, then you need to make an agreement with the attorney on how they get paid.

Remember, cars, trailers, atv's and anything that has titles needs probate so that you can sell or get titles in your name.

If you wait on probate, creditors have the right to start it themselves an appoint a personal representative. It is becoming more common for them to do this.

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