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Most of the time, we usually have to look up the foreclosure, property records (who name is on the property, any bankruptcy records and encumbrances that are on the property.  It takes a little time.  I usually need to come up with some idea of the value of the property.

If your looking for assistance from Foreclosure Lifeline Corporation, we need to review that you have tried all available options to you.

So we charge the following:


Our service costs a $50.00 up front fee to pay for our time doing the research, with an additional $50.00 if we show you how to accomplish what you want.

If you qualify for FLLC assistance, there is no additional $50.00 charge.

We accept most all credit cards.  We do not take credit card information over the phone.  We want you to have a receipt for what you do.

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We will invoice you for the rest of the payment once we accomplish the goal.

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