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We check numerous sites to make our list of the daily deaths.

We then check if they own real estate.

We then try and find the heirs of the deceased

We then make a downloadable list of the names and of the possible heirs.  Those are available to subscribers almost every business day.


 They can use the list of names, and possible heirs to pursue their own listings. (No referral fees to us)

Click on the Proper button to see how the names lists and heirs lists look like.

Members can follow up with knocking on the door, a mailing campaign etc.

So we charge the following:


We have an annual cost of $138.00 to become a member.  A semi-Annual plan is available for $99.00. These are where you work the leads.

If you would like us to do the work for you the annual cost is $198.00 and the semi-annual plan is $140.00.  In this plan, we contact the possible heirs, we mail to the  houses around, we deal with probate etc.

We accept most all credit cards.  We do not take credit card information over the phone.  We want you to have a receipt for what you do.

Click Here to subscribe.


Shauna Lindell is the Broker for Regency Monument Realty LLC  Colorado License #II.100103895

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