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Oracle Gale LLC

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Oracle Gale LLC and Regency Monument Realty LLC are owned by the same individual, Shauna Lindell.

Almost every house that gets sold, needs something in the way of repairs.

Regency Monument Realty offers a credit to their sellers to help with the walk-thru list, appraisal requirements etc.

Oracle Gale has the craftsmen to get the repairs done in a professional manner as well as having contacts with plumbers, electricians, heat, hvac and roofers.

Talk with Regency Monument Realty and see how much in free labor they will offer to you.




Jim Lindell manages the fix up on properties and is the husband of the owner.He

He was a home builder for years.  He  has built apartment buildings, commercial retail centers and developed land.   When He was young, he started out learning how to pour foundations and flat work, from there Ihe learned how to frame and side houses and condo's, townhouses and commercial.

He then learned how to insulate, then drywall, both hanging and finishing, painting, interior trim.

His father in law was an electrician and taught him how to wire a house, but he is not a licensed electrician. If licenses are required we have contractors we deal with. Jim learned how to plumb, soldier joints  etc.

He has built hundreds of houses in his lifetime.

For most of this time he was a licensed Real Estate Broker.  He understand real estate quite well but leaves the brokerage work to his wife, Shauna.

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